How to Ensure you have the Best Medical Cover for you based on your Specific Needs, Lifestyle and Circumstances!

Introducing THE Definitive Guide to First Class Comprehensive Medical Cover in Zimbabwe.

Everything you need to know about the Benefits & Dangers of finding, buying & using medical cover while living in Zimbabwe.

Who’s the Free Report for?

This report is for...

  • Anyone currently looking for medical cover; or for

  • Anyone who wants to know exactly how good (or bad) their current medical cover is and what risks they are exposed to.

What will the Free Report do for you?

If you are looking for medical cover, it will help you find the find the best medical cover for you based on your specific needs, lifestyle and circumstances.

If you’ve already got medical cover, it will help you identify the negatives and risks you’re exposed to before you’re caught out unawares and suffer horrendous medical bills or worse.

Regrettably, not having medical cover or being on the wrong medical cover is why you sometimes hear about people wiping-out their savings; asking for donations; holding fund raising events; or being forced to sell off their personal assets to pay their medical bills.

Unfortunately, most people are aware of the above dreadful stories but they either foolishly think it will never happen to them or they naively believe their medical cover is the best and only find out it’s not as good as they thought it was when it’s too late.

Thankfully the Free Report eliminates all doubt!

When you receive the Free Report you will discover...

  • The 21 Critical Questions you must ask your medical aid company to determine how good your medical cover actually is and what risks you’re exposed to;

  • The Most Important Benefits that should be on your Benefit Table to ensure your financial risk is minimized while giving you easy access to the best medical treatment available;

  • Why you should NEVER rely on management or the HR department to choose a company scheme for you;

  • Why many people end up in financial difficulty over medical bills despite having had medical cover for years;

  • How you can minimize your medical bills financial risk;

  • Why some medical bills are paid in full and others are not and what you can do about it;

  • And much much more.

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Here’s what others are saying about the Free Report

Frankly, your report is the single most USEFUL and openly honest appraisal of a Medical Aid Scheme, covering all relevant bits — that I have ever had the privilege of looking through.


I found the article [Report] very interesting and definitely food for thought. The 23 Questions are definitely relevant to joining a society. The trouble is that most people feel “it will never happen to them” until it is too late.


I found the report extremely interesting, educational and thought provoking. It has assisted our decision as to which medical aid package to use for all our staff.


I read your report with great interest and became aware of a number of issues that previously I took for granted.


I found your report very helpful. It got me asking questions I ordinarily would not have but that were very important. I am very grateful for the time and effort you put into preparing your report and find it very helpful to know what we are covered for by our medical aids


I think your coverage on Medical Aid benefits etc is fantastic — yours is the only explanation which makes sense in a very easy to understand format. I also think you have done all Zimbo’s a great service in pointing out all the benefits and pitfalls waiting out there for the general public.


The report has been helpful in highlighting areas that one does not usually think about or look at until it's too late, so I think it's very helpful in that regard.


It has been informative and made me more aware of the options that are available.


I find your article helpful and I believe it will help a lot of people along the way.


I’ve passed your document onto many of my friends because I think it is vital information.


It indeed assisted me in that I now know what to expect from my current medical aid.


Your medical report is very good and it's an eye opener.


I thought your Medical report was an outstanding piece of information that everyone in Zim should read.


I have just read through it again and can categorically say that I feel it is essential reading for anyone interested in medical cover.


I know that many people are not aware of the problems you have highlighted and I think your research would be of significant value to most.


It has helped me to go out and check the various options available and to ask the right questions.


It will benefit all fellow Zimbabweans considering taking out medical aid.


Your sound advice has made me look a lot more carefully at the various medical aid schemes that are on offer.


Complete the web form today and I’ll email you the free report today...

If you’re worried about completing a form on the Internet, contact me & I’ll send you a pdf version of the report: